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To Cut or Not to Cut… and where to go?


So, I haven’t had my hair cut in months. It is one thing that I am really funny about. Maybe I am just a creature of habit but going to a new salon is pretty daunting. I need my hair cut badly… see…


What a mess! Mind, I just got up and it was crazy but the ends are fried.

So, I asked around for the past few weeks where people went and how much a cut costs. Most places are right around £30… Americans, that is like $50. Ouch! I got some really good suggestions and in the end I went for a salon that I knew was close, had a good reputation and I liked the info on the website. I chose Miu on Argyle St. Check them out. http://www.miusalon.co.uk

I was really pleased to get a warm reception when I went in. I explained why I was there and how I was nervous and just wanted a trim. They offered me a tea or coffee (most Salons here do that, one bit of great UK customer service that should be mirrored in the US). They asked me to wait a few mins as I walked in with no appointment.

I really liked my stylist, a young girl named Sharon. She listened to me and did exactly what I wanted. She understood what I was asking for and talked me through the whole cut. We had a nice chat too, not forced at all.  I think my hair turned out really well. What do you think?


Even cooler, the owner of the salon, who was getting her hair colored when I walked in, wants to practice wedding styles on me sometime in the next few weeks. She saw a picture of my dress and immediately had ideas. I said I wanted it down mostly and softly curled and she went off on a hair tangent. Really really nice place. I think I may have found a winner. Another thing to check off the list.  x heather

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